The Federation of West Africa Chambers of Commerce was set-up in 1976 by the presidents of the 15 chambers of commerce of the West African region with a view to giving the business community of the region a voice and a tool to foster development and reduce poverty.


To translate that vision into reality, the founding members of FEWACCI set to create transnational corporations, which would have presence in all ECOWAS member countries and whose capital would be built by nationals of all 15 member countries.

It was in that context and in recognition of the important role that access to finance plays in the growth of businesses that the FEWACCI founding fathers thought that the first transnational corporation to establish should be a regional bank, that would understand the need of the people and that would dedicate itself to meeting those needs.

Thus they promoted and set-up the first West African bank, ECOBANK Transnational, which today has grown to be one of the leading banks in Africa as its operations and reach have gone beyond the confines of the West African Region.After its revival by the ECOWAS Commission, the FEWACCI has set a goal to resume the major integration projects initiated by the Founding Fathers to their effective realization

FEWACCI is currently promoting a regional maritime company, the West Africa Sealink Company to provide reliable and affordable maritime transport services to business operators in order to increase intra-Community trade.